Glassworks Studios, LLC

Glassworks Studios is a relatively young company by stained glass standards, but we have a very old tradition rooted in over 65 years of hands-on experience by the founding partners, Ralph Mills and Kirk Weaver.  Our aspirations are not to be the biggest but simply the best. During our years we have been directly responsible for the restoration of countless historic stained glass windows as well as created timeless works of art in glass that will be celebrated and cherished for generations to come.

Stained Glass is a peculiar medium. It deteriorates very slowly over decades leaving the casual observer  to seldom notice a deficiency until it is well beyond the critical stage. With this in mind, we recommend that you have your precious works of art in glass periodically inspected by qualified artisans. Timely inspections will typically identify small problems before they become critical, thus increasing the longevity of the the stained glass window.   At Glassworks Studios we are experts in conservation, preservation, and restoration of stained glass windows. We welcome the opportunity to inspect your windows and meet with you to discuss their current condition.  Please contact us with questions, concerns, or to schedule an inspection.

Preserving Stained Glass Treasures One Window At A Time
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